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Udaipur trip

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There have been numerous blogs on Udaipur & surrounding places. And most of it is on the internet now, so I wonder if I am going to tell anything new. However I will try to make my account as fresh as possible with my beautiful collection of pictures. I am sure you will love it & will make you want to come to Udaipur.

Udaipur is generally hot during this time of the year, so even though everyone I talked to warned me about it, I decided to go ahead with my trip anyway!! But to our big surprise monsoon showed up its first signs wherever we went, making the surroundings cool & helping me capture some very good pictures.

I belong to Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We, I & my family, left for Udaipur by a hired taxi early morning on Saturday, 11th June. Udaipur is a 3 ½ hour ride from Ahmedabad. Crossing the border from Gujarat to Rajasthan requires one to pay Border Tax in case one has hired a Taxi. Private cars do not need to pay a fee.

Udaipur has got lots of hotels. Prices, at this time of the year, are low because of less inflow. September-January, I got to know, are the expensive months. We first landed up in a posh hotel in the newer part of the city at someone’s recommendation but I soon found out a better & cheaper option in the old city which ,I later found out, also had quite a few foreigners. Living in the old city gives one a better insight of the real Udaipur.

The hotel where I stayed ...


The old architecture is still intact & there are people living in houses which are centuries old. The best thing I felt was the different kinds of ‘’Jharokhas’’ (balconies) which each house has. The best part of living in India is that there is a blend of old & new. People still follow old traditions & live in houses built by their ancestors.


I also found out some foreigners taking lessons in cooking & miniature painting (a beautiful rajasthani art of painting)

Our first visit was to the Jagdish temple. You must visit this ! It has a beautiful idol of Lord Vishnu. There are some idols which bring peace to your mind just by looking at them & this is one of them. Vishnu is considered the “preserver “of the Universe according to Hindu mythology. The temple has a very interesting story of why it was built. Lord Vishnu appeared in front of King Jagat Singh ( who got this temple built) in a dream asking him to build a temple for him so that he could come from Mathura (birth place of Lord Vishnu) and reside in ‘Mewar’ region and be nearer to Meerabai. (a princess who worshipped lord Vishnu) . One should definitely not miss the “aarti” in the temple at 19.30 every evening. ‘’Aarti” is the singing of a prayer to Lord Vishnu.

My hotel was near ‘’Gangaur ghat” ( ghat means stairs leading to a river) by lake Pichola. Udaipur is a city of lakes & ‘’Lake Pichola is one of them. People come here early in the morning to bath, wash clothes & feed the birds.

Pics of ''Gangaur Ghat' ...


There are many museums to see in Udaipur & the 'Bakore Haveli" at Gangaur ghat is worth a visit..

Another such museum is the Udaipur City Palace museum ..... it has got such a large collection .. one requires atleast a full day if you are going to watch each & every item on display .....

The palace from outside ..


From one of the passages ..


A place for the royal family to play 'HOLI'' (festival of colours) , can you believe this courtyard is almost 5-6 storeys above ground level ??


On the second day, in the first half, we went to Ranakpur .. a beautiful Jain temple with intricate carvings ...

On way to Ranakpur ...



In the second half we went to Kumbhalgarh fort. I recommend that you must visit this fort if nothing else ! The fort is very well maintained & the view from top is marvellous .... there's also a light & sound show . But the fort campus is huge & requires a full day . Nearby is also the Kumbhalgarh wild life sanctuary which i could not visit because of lack of time .

The entrance ..


Way up ...


The Zenana (women's) area ...


The place from where the queen could look far , far away :)


view Fit for a queen :)


The place has also got hotels for night stay & a sweet cafe where refreshments are available ...

that's me at the cafe :)


That's the end of it .... leaving you with some pics :) thanks for reading :)


A bird-feeder which you will find everywhere in India ...


Ranakpur Jain temple ..


Want to buy something from Udaipur ??


And last but not the least .... the shop near my hotel where Hollywood actress Dame Judy Dench visited & bought something :) ...


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